Kensington, Johannesburg

Kensington is the largest suburb in Johannesburg. It stretches from Fairview and Troyeville in the West, to Eastgate and Bedfordview border in the East. It is bounded by Belgravia and Malvern in the South and by Judith's Paarl, Bezuidenhout Valley, Dewetshof and Bruma in the North. There are about 5200 properties in Kensington. Stands are typically 450m2 or 900m2 in size. The suburb was proclaimed in 1902 from a portion of the farm Doornfontein.

Heritage Sites in Kensington

Scottish Horse War Memorial Highland Rd between Good Hope St & Katoomba St.
Façade - Jeppe High School for Boys Roberts Ave between Good Hope St & MacDonald St.
Lion House Lion House 1906, 20 Roberts Avenue, Kensington
S A War Memorial Kitchener Ave, Cnr 9th Ave
Gandhi House Gandhi House Location, 19 Albermarle Street, Troyeville, Johannesburg, Troyeville
NGK Op de Bergen St, Troyeville
Scott House King Edward St, Cnr Leven St

Kensington Residents Association

Committee Members

Role Name
Chairperson: Brendon Burmester
Vice Chairperson: Colm Burns
Secretary: Romana Monteiro
Treasurer: Colm Burns
Sub Committee Head: Environment and Infrastructure Dave Toman
Sub Committee Head: Marketing
Sub Committee Head: Projects Henk Hooljberg
Member: Jennifer Bond
Member: Zahn Hughes
Contact the Secretary:

KRA Banking Details

Account No:1925018679
Branch No:192505
Account Name:Kensington Community Forum

Links to other community/residents' web sites

  • Queens Street Business District:
    Queen Street is probably the most known and famous street in Kensington. It is lined with various businesses of many different types along the entire street. These include antique stores and specialist restaurants.
  • Observatory:
    Not quite neighbours, but close enough, Observatory is a suburb just North of Kensington.
  • Upper Houghton Residents' Association
    Even a bit further North of Kensington, but still on the Eastern side of Johannesburg is Upper Houghton.

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